Curation Details
Interaction ID: IM-29196-1

Unique identifier for interactor Auniprotkb:F1PAA9
Unique identifier for interactor Buniprotkb:P35221
Alternative identifier for interactor Aintact:EBI-15603992
Alternative identifier for interactor Bintact:EBI-701918
Aliases for Apsi-mi:cadh1_canlf(display_long)
uniprotkb:Epithelial cadherin(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:Uvomorulin(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:CDH1(gene name)
Aliases for Bpsi-mi:ctna1_human(display_long)
uniprotkb:Cadherin-associated protein(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:Alpha E-catenin(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-13(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:CTNNA1(gene name)
Interaction detection methodspsi-mi:"MI:1314"(proximity-dependent biotin identification)
First authorGuo et al. (2014)
Identifier of the publicationimex:IM-29196
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Ataxid:9615(canlf)
taxid:9615("Canis familiaris (dog)")
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Btaxid:9606(human)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens)
Interaction typespsi-mi:"MI:2364"(proximity)
Source databases and identifierspsi-mi:"MI:0471"(MINT)
Interaction identifier(s) in the corresponding source databaseintact:EBI-27079701
Confidence scoreintact-miscore:0.38
Complex expansionpsi-mi:"MI:1060"(spoke expansion)
Biological role AUnspecified role
Biological role BUnspecified role
Experimental role ABait
Experimental role BPrey
Interactor type AProtein
Interactor type BProtein
Annotations for the interactionfigure legend:ST1
comment:Proteins enriched from quadruplicate experiments were analyzed by high resolution MS. After subtracting the proteins identified in negative control cells we reproducibly identified 612 proteins by using the label-free quantification algorithm available in MaxQuant
full coverage:Only protein-protein interactions
curation depth:imex curation
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for the host organismtaxid:9606(human-mkn28)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens MKN28 gastric tubular adenocarcinoma cell)
Parameters of the interaction-
Creation date2021/07/28
Update date2024/01/27
negative Boolean valuefalse
Feature(s) for interactor Afusion protein:c-c
Feature(s) for interactor B-
Stoichiometry for interactor A-
Stoichiometry for interactor B-
Participant identification method for interactor ASequence tag identification
Participant identification method for interactor BSequence tag identification