Curation Details
Interaction ID: IM-23656-5

Unique identifier for interactor Aensembl:ENSG00000136997
Unique identifier for interactor Buniprotkb:O15379
Alternative identifier for interactor Aintact:EBI-1265559
Alternative identifier for interactor Bintact:EBI-607682
Aliases for Apsi-mi:myc_human_gene(display_short)
Aliases for Bpsi-mi:hdac3_human(display_long)
uniprotkb:HDAC3(gene name)
uniprotkb:Protein deacetylase HDAC3(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:Protein deacylase HDAC3(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:RPD3-2(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:SMAP45(gene name synonym)
Interaction detection methodspsi-mi:"MI:0402"(chromatin immunoprecipitation assay)
First authorQinyu et al. (2013)
Identifier of the publicationmint:MINT-8429205
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Ataxid:9606(human)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens)
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Btaxid:9606(human)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens)
Interaction typespsi-mi:"MI:0914"(association)
Source databases and identifierspsi-mi:"MI:0471"(MINT)
Interaction identifier(s) in the corresponding source databaseintact:EBI-10050363
Confidence scoreintact-miscore:0.35
Complex expansion-
Biological role AUnspecified role
Biological role BUnspecified role
Experimental role APrey
Experimental role BBait
Interactor type AGene
Interactor type BProtein
Annotations for the interactionfigure legend:Fig. 5f, 5g
agonist:anti-FOXO6 siRNA
caution:"\"According to the figure legend (5g), cells are transfected with siRNA targeting HNF4; however, both the text and figure clearly indicate that cells are transfected with siRNA targeting FOXO6.\""
comment:Overexpression of FOXO6 decreased binding of HDAC3 to c-Myc promoter DNA; however, the origin of the FOXO6 expression construct could not be determined.
causality statement:A8MYZ6 decreases binding of O15379 to ENSG00000136997
dataset:IBD - Inflammatory bowel disease
dataset:Ulcerative colitis - Interactions of proteins identified as having a link to ulcerative colitis
full coverage:Only protein-protein interactions
curation depth:imex curation
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for the host organismtaxid:9606(human-snu-16)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens SNU-16 gastric adenocarcinoma cell)
Parameters of the interaction-
Creation date2013/05/15
Update date2014/12/31
negative Boolean valuefalse
Feature(s) for interactor Abinding-associated region:?-?
Feature(s) for interactor B-
Stoichiometry for interactor A-
Stoichiometry for interactor B-
Participant identification method for interactor AQuantitative pcr
Participant identification method for interactor BQuantitative pcr