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Interaction ID: IM-22550-1

Unique identifier for interactor Auniprotkb:Q86WX3
Unique identifier for interactor Buniprotkb:Q96EB6
Alternative identifier for interactor Aintact:EBI-4479407
Alternative identifier for interactor Bintact:EBI-1802965
Aliases for Apsi-mi:aros_human(display_long)
uniprotkb:RPS19BP1(gene name)
uniprotkb:AROS(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:40S ribosomal protein S19-binding protein 1(gene name synonym)
Aliases for Bpsi-mi:sir1_human(display_long)
uniprotkb:NAD-dependent protein deacylase sirtuin-1(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:SIRT1(gene name)
uniprotkb:SIR2L1(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:SIR2-like protein 1(gene name synonym)
uniprotkb:Regulatory protein SIR2 homolog 1(gene name synonym)
Interaction detection methodspsi-mi:"MI:0006"(anti bait coimmunoprecipitation)
First authorKokkola et al. (2014)
Identifier of the publicationimex:IM-22550
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Ataxid:9606(human)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens)
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for interactor Btaxid:9606(human)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens)
Interaction typespsi-mi:"MI:0915"(physical association)
Source databases and identifierspsi-mi:"MI:0471"(MINT)
Interaction identifier(s) in the corresponding source databaseintact:EBI-9255015
Confidence scoreintact-miscore:0.73
Complex expansion-
Biological role AUnspecified role
Biological role BUnspecified role
Experimental role ABait
Experimental role BPrey
Interactor type AProtein
Interactor type BProtein
Annotations for the interactionfigure legend:f1 f2 sf2
comment:"\"The design and construction of SIRT1 truncation mutants did not provide specific answer to determine the exact region for the SIRT1/AROS interaction, since the truncated forms of SIRT1 failed to co-immunoprecipitate with AROS (Fig. 2).\""
comment:"\"The AROS peptides (AR1-5) were found to exert an inhibitory effect on SIRT1 activity in two different in vitro assays (Supplementary Table 2), although a molar excess of the peptides was not able to block the interaction between SIRT1 and AROS in co-immunoprecipitation analyses (Supplementary Fig. 2)\""
full coverage:Only protein-protein interactions
curation depth:imex curation
NCBI Taxonomy identifier for the host organismtaxid:9606(human-293t)
taxid:9606(Homo sapiens HEK293T embryonic kidney cell)
Parameters of the interaction-
Creation date2014/03/10
Update date2014/10/16
negative Boolean valuefalse
Feature(s) for interactor A-
Feature(s) for interactor B-
Stoichiometry for interactor A-
Stoichiometry for interactor B-
Participant identification method for interactor AWestern blot
Participant identification method for interactor BWestern blot